The first blog post! Many more to come!

Hello Tallahassee !

Welcome to the first edition of our Fun Station blog, where every so often we will talk about exciting new changes to our entertainment center and occasionally other exciting news inside the industry. For the first edition, let’s look back on some of our highlights from the past year. This past year we have overhauled the Arcade with brand new games from many exciting franchises. Walking Dead, Mario Kart, Connect Four, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, and Halo: Fireteam Raven all entered the building for the first time and have greatly added to the overall game room experience. We also added an amazing new attraction outside, The Sizzler, which brings the excitement of a fair-style ride to our location.

Another big upgrade was done in our kitchen area, adding a wide variety of beverages to our menu(Juice, Apple Juice, Energy Drinks, Starbucks) to give our customers any type of drink they may desire. That trend will continue over the course of the next few months as we finish the installation of our new bar which will serve beer and wine to our customers for the first time in Fun Station history. For the food part of the menu, we recently added what we truly believe our the best wings in town! Buffalo(hot and mild), Barbecue(sweet and hot), Carolina Gold, Lemon Pepper, Jalapeno Mango, Garlic Parmesan and Sweet Chili. This addition has been a smashing success so far and we will need to expand our kitchen in the next few months to keep up with the growing demand for not just pizza but wings and other popular menu items.

Last but not least, the upgrade to the facility wouldn’t be complete without another brand new attraction opening late summer/early fall. Our newest attraction is something never before seen anywhere(as of this posting date) in the country, a true Free-roam Multiplayer wireless, tetherless Virtual Reality Arena! No backpacks, no wires, no gimmicks. True free roam virtual reality gaming at it’s finest. We will begin building out the arena in our game room area and hope to have it up and running to show off to the world in the next two months!

That’s all for the first blog post, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news on Tallahassee’s number one Family Entertainment Center!!!